The 3rd Eye R’dam-Shanghai

Future cities, social development, Expo Shanghai 2010, V2 R’dam.

The 3rd I project presents in an interactive media art exhibit, future visions for buildings and places in the sister cities Rotterdam and Shanghai. Students and professionals in two national teams researched and debated about their urban environments and visualized the results in maquettes.
The scaled maquettes of both teams are exhibited in Shanghai, where remote controlled video robots explore the landscape.

The exhibition is part of the joint program “Adaptation: Designing the Future City” at the Dutch Culture Centre as part of the World Expo in Shanghai. The audience can also virtually visit the project at the MK Gallery in Rotterdam and online on the website On our online exhibition page you can control a video robot in Shanghai, have a look at what the exhibition looks like and visit the collection of all exhibited maquettes of the project.

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