A series of Solargrafica* photographs and sound recordings were made in the city of Graz, Austria. Over the time period Feb to July 2009, over 30 cameras were positioned in and around the city of Graz. Four photographs were selected and combined with processed field recordings using Real-time Granular Synthesis. The result is a video installation named “Solargrafica*Graz”, published on DVD (Pal Format). A series of 5+2 photos are available for purchase and exhibitions.

The four locations are:

Kaiser Franz Josef Kai, Murinsel (Graz, Austria)
Duration: 9:03 min, Stereo, PAL.

Schloss Eggenberg (Graz, Austria)
Duration: 7:16 min, Stereo, PAL.

Glockenturm, Zeughaus (Graz, Austria)
Duration: 7:05 min, Stereo, PAL.

Mausoleum Kaiser Ferdinands II (Graz, Austria)
Duration: 7:21 min, Stereo, PAL.