Paper: Re: Dakar Arts Festival – exploring transmedia storytelling methods to document an Internet scam

Title: Re: Dakar Arts Festival – exploring transmedia storytelling methods to document an Internet scam
Author(s): Andreas Zingerle, Linda Kronman
Email: andreas.zingerle (at), linda (at)

Published at: Proceedings of International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling, Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul, Turkey.



With the “Re: Dakar Arts Festival” project we present an alternative way to raise awareness about online advance-fee fraud scams, by exploring the extent to which concepts of transmedia storytelling are adaptable in representing a scambait – the practice of scamming a scammer. By investigating their practices we can question the trust that is put into online representations. Yet, what happens when transmedia concepts are adapted to documentation material and blended with fictional characters? With the help of an example, we illustrate how a documented scambait evolved into a transmedia story, unfolding over several media channels.



Transmedia Storytelling, Online representations, Scam.


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Zingerle, A., & Kronman, L. (2013). Re: Dakar Arts Festival-Exploring Transmedia Storytelling Methods to Document an Internet Scam. H. Koenitz et al. (Eds.): The 6th International Conference on Interactive Digital Storyelling, LNCS 8230, Springer International Publishing Switzerland (pp. 253-256).


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