Hyperrhiz14 Journal: Faceless Patrons—Scam stories and anti-fraud strategies

Title: Faceless Patrons—Scam stories and anti-fraud strategies
Author(s): Andreas Zingerle, Linda Kronman

Published at: Hyperrhiz14 The End(s) of electronic literature: ELO 2015 Arts program Summer 2016


Faceless patrons is an installation that documents stories used by Internet scammers in so called “overpayment check scams.” Scammers use scripted stories to reach their victims, yet when correspondence continues story worlds start to evolve. We created a virtual character to interact with scammers who posed as art buyers. The installation presents five of these interactive narratives in form of a series of photos, each coupled with a forged check. By using smartphones an augmented reality layer can be accessed to expose further story elements. The received checks were reported by anti-fraud activists to bank officials who block the bank accounts and jam the scammers’ working practice.

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