Forensic Fantasies – #1: Not a Blackmail

#1: Not a Blackmail

The first artwork of the series examines the possibility to blackmail a prior owner of a hard-drive. Besides finding sensitive data of the owner it is crucial to be able to contact the person to express ones demands. From one hard-drive we could find out who it had belonged to, further through social media platforms, we found his current employer and other contact details. Rather than blackmailing the person we grew curious if we could get in contact with this person to better understand how the hard-drive ended up in Ghana. Would this person remember how he disposed the computer? Therefore the artwork consists of one ready to be posted package, addressed to the owner, containing the hard-drive and a letter that the visitors can read.

Part of the Forensic fantasies trilogy


2016: Art meets radical openness festival, Linz/Austria.
2016: Ars Electronica 2016, Linz/Austria.