Extension of Human Sight

In the 1920’s, David Sarnoff (Chairman of the board of RCA) and Dr. Vladimir Zworykin (Vice President of RCA (Hon.), Techn. Consultant of RCA) started dreaming on mass production of broadcasting moving images by electronic devices. The short sequence is looped and the audiovisiual quality decreases constantly due to the fact of a lossy data compression. Artifacts like bleeding, ringing, pre-echo, drop-outs, warbling, or graininess can be observed. Even green colored particels pop up in the black/white film the higher the sequence gets compressed. Same artifacts can also be seen in todays video streaming culture.

David Sarnoff: “We succeeded in extending human sight far beyond the horizon.”
Vladimir Zworykin: “Yes, this is wonderful thing about television. The extension of our sight.”

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